Rachel Lipscomb from Lansing in the Incan Ruins called SacsayHuamán. 

It is located outside of the city of Cusco, Peru where she is studying Spanish and the 
culture of the region.
Photo by Ashley Hutson

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  The Lansing- based Sinas Dramis Law Firm, which has only 12 lawyers, was honored to have five of its attorneys included in the most recent publication of The Best Lawyers in America.  

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Museum Links Michigan War Efforts











Above: The Michigan Military Technical and Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the  stories of Michigan citizens who served and sacrificed, here and abroad , from WWI to the present

Photo by Rick Garcia

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Excuse Me, are you listening? 13-18


Dear Readers,
It is that time of year when I begin to clean up my life.  I begin the process of getting ready for winter.  I prefer to do things without the hindrance of snow and a coat on.  It takes so much longer to do things when it is snowing.  
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TAX SOLUTIONS:  IRS Letter Decoder

  By  A.J. Gross, C.P.A., E.A.

You open your mail box and there is an IRS letter.  Every time you receive an IRS letter, you get a nervous feeling in your gut.  Especially, if you receive a certified IRS letter.  You start reading the IRS letter and realize you have no idea what the IRS is telling you.  All you see is taxes, interest, and penalties.  What do you do?
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QP Voices: 'Finding Your Roots' with Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.


Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. explores the past of well known people and their ancestry on PBS.  Left: Author Stephen King

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Kiplinger on Travel: What to do if you're stranded while traveling


By Cameron Huddleston
Air travelers could be left high - or perhaps it would be better to say low - and dry if a volcano that's rumbling in Iceland erupts with the magnitude that another one in that country did in 2010.
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 There are pressing questions out there about social security.  Get some answers here.

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Interpersonal Edge: Sharing your feelings won't boost your effectiveness at work


By Dr. Daneen Skube

Tribune Content Agency


  Q. I've been through quite a bit of therapy, and I believe it is important for me to be honest with my feelings at work. The other day I told a coworker he was hurting my feelings, and he just got mad. Isn't the point of mental health to know how you feel? Is there a way to talk about my feelings that doesn't make my situation worse?

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Jill on Money: Will sizzling summer lead to a September swoon for stocks?

By Jill Schlesinger
Tribune Content Agency
So much for the summer doldrums! August 2014 was the best August for stocks in 14 years. The Dow gained 3.6 percent on the month to 17,098; the S&P 500 took out the psychologically important 2,000 level, rising 3.8 percent to 2003.
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The Kid's Doctor: White patches on a child's skin could be vitiligo

  By Sue Hubbard, M.D.

  I recently saw a 10-year-old patient for her routine physical. One of her mother's concerns was that her daughter had "white patches" under both arms. Once I examined her, I told her mother that the "white patches" were actually due to Vitiligo, an acquired disorder of pigment loss.
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Body Building an Empire


Left: At 45, Kimberly Whitfield never thought she would become a sponsored body building athlete.
Photo by Tom Nakielski/ Lights On Studio/ www.lightsonstudio.com


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Movie Review: “Belle”

  Studio: Fox Searchlight (1hr. 45 min)

Plot:  An illegitimate mixed-race girl is brought up by her white uncle in Victorian England.
Cast: Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Tom Wilkinson, Sarah Gadon, Emily Watson, Miranda Richardson, Sam Reid
Rating:     PG
Bottom Line:     ***
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Migrant Camp Visit Reveal Basic Needs

  A young daughter of Campo Rojo admires the setup for the cookout.

Photo by Rick Garcia
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TAX SOLUTIONS: New Michigan Offer Program

  By  A.J. Gross, C.P.A., E.A.

 Governor Snyder signed into law HB 4003.  HB 4003 allows the State of Michigan to negotiate Michigan taxes.  This is exciting news for Michigan taxpayers!  For the first time ever, Michigan residents will be able to negotiate Michigan taxes for less.  The new law will start in 2015.
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How Did a Chinese-American Woman Become a Black Power Activist?

Left:  Grace Lee Boggs is a 99-year old Chinese-American who lives a life of activism.

Photo by Quyen Tran
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Excuse me are you listening? 13-13

  Dear Readers,

The 4th of July parade was amazing.we had over 125 people with us.  It was a beautiful day as well.
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News Spotlight: New Minimum Wage for Michigan Employees

 Beginning September 1, 2014, Michigan workers will see an increase in the minimum wage rate

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Expo offers the chance to celebrate diversity and connect consumers


LANSING, MI –The Greater Lansing Area Club of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs Inc. and the Lansing Black Chamber of Commerce have partnered with several organizations to host the Shop Michigan Expo on Friday, September 26, 2014. The Expo will be held in Michigan’s Capital City at the Lansing Center, located at 333 E. Michigan Ave. from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.
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Kiplinger on Travel: Should you buy travel insurance?

  By Jessica L. Anderson

  Hurricane season is upon us, which means a tropical storm could be brewing just as you're about to leave on vacation. Is travel insurance the solution?
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Excuse me, are you listening? 13-16


Dear Readers,
It always warms my heart when I get feedback from our readers.  Imagine what it is like in my neck of the woods.  I know that the newspaper moves quickly, however, I do not know each person who reads it.  It is odd in that kind of way.  When someone calls, emails or writes me a letter I am always intrigued.  When someone is waiting at the newspaper box for the delivery or in a waiting room reading the newspaper, I always start smiling.  It makes me feel connected, as I am now alone typing tucked away in a quiet corner of my office.
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