Excuse me, are you listening? There Will be More Pedestrians and Cyclists on Our Roads
Monday, June 9, 2008

By Rina N. Risper
The New Citizens Press

As I drove down St. Joseph on my way to the Jasmine Miles Memorial Walk, I could feel my eyes welling with tears.  I was riding the path that Jasmine would have walked to Waverly Middle School in the morning.

When I started to see the purple flyers posted in the grass about the event, I felt so special to be there to see Jasmine’s family and friends celebrate her life.

 I was anxiety ridden for some reason, which was probably because I was running behind and I was meeting Anna Williams and Nancy Thelen, who were quilters from the Capital City Quilts store.

I was speaking to Michelle Miles (if you have not read the Jasmine Miles story, please log on to www.tncp.net) and she mentioned that she would love to have a quilt made out of something to remind her of Jasmine.

When I hear the word quilt, I automatically think of my friend, Carolyn Warfield and her love of textiles.  I asked her did she know of anyone who would be interested in helping me make a quilt.  I explained to her that this was the last year of the walk since this is the year that Jasmine would have graduated from high school.  Michelle has worked so hard on Safe Routes to School.

Carolyn gave me several names of quilt stores in the area and I emailed and called all of them.

At the end of the week, I found out that the  Quilt Depot had received the e-mail.  In the e-mail, I told them about the beautiful lilac flowers that seemed to always be present in Ms. Miles’  life.

I spoke to Anna briefly about the project.  Even though I am a quilter, I’m too inexperienced to attempt to make a quilt in two weeks.

These women deserve an award.  Patti Parmeter, the owner of Capitol City Quilts was instrumental in pulling everyone together.  Kelli Ruthruff donated time and resources as well to quilt the quilt.  That is what holds all the lovely squares in place and give it a fine finished look. 

Anna and Nancy were in Shipshewana, Michigan at a quilting conference and drove a good part of the morning to be at the event on time.

They searched for fabric and chose Jasmine’s favorite color, lavender and the printed material  had lilacs on it.
They drove to Howell, MI, which is about 70 miles round trip from Lansing to The Stitchery to get the lilac fabric.

I was so amazed at how much time and effort they put into making sure that Ms. Miles will have something to to wrap herself in. 

Carolyn is even going further and is having a tea for quilters.  It will be something interesting to see for those who don’t know anything about it.  Support them as they have supported us in taking care of our community.  They are making a Pedestrian Advocacy Quilt.

There is more information about it on page 6.


Rina Risper


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