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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Dear Ms. Risper, President/Publisher

I write in support of the Oliver Towers initiative by almost 30
churches in the Lansing area.  This initiative would provide some housing for low-income and homeless persons.  And I would hope the Lansing City Council would look closely at this and come to the decision to help these who too often have no one in their corner.
     The original Oliver Towers was built to help persons with HUD monies. And with the backing of almost 30 churches in the Lansing area, we have an opportunity to become a MODEL city for the rest of the country as we offer our low-income and homeless a leg up.
     I also hope that your paper would print this as a piece in support of the Oliver Tower Initiative by the local churches in our community.


W. J. (Bill) Amundsen, retired pastor
West Michigan Conference
United Methodist Church


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