Movie Reveiw: Wanted
Sunday, July 6, 2008

By  Samantha Ofole-Prince

In this visually dazzling thriller, McAvoy (“The Last King of Scotland”) plays Wesley Gibson, a lowly downtrodden accountant whose life is forever changed when he discovers his estranged father was a legendary assassin for a killing fraternity formed 1,000 years ago.

Recruited into the fraternity by the enigmatic leader Sloan (Freeman) to avenge his father’s death, Gibson soon becomes an elite assassin after training with the fraternity’s lethal super-human crew that includes the tattooed tough-cookie Fox (Jolie) and guns expert Gunsmith (Common). Learning to unlock his inherited dormant powers, he soon becomes the fraternity's golden boy and begins to relish his new powerful life, exacting and even enjoying cold revenge on some of his old tormentors but soon begins to realize there is more to his dangerous associates than meets the eye.

“Wanted” offers what the audience craves: astounding chases involving cars, trains and trailer trucks and gloriously choreographed moves with lots of carnage. With a steady flow of wildly inventive CG-infused action sequences, it blends slow, fast and normal speeds cleverly and although it demands a high level of credulity it does offer some great rewards in return and is a smart and very slick thriller. It’s a must see movie.


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