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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dear Readers,

We’re having a symposium and we would love to see you there. Bethlehem Temple is a beautiful church and has welcomed many people from all walks of life.  It’s close to the highway and the CATA bus line so it will be easy for people to get there.

I’ve been planning this symposium in my head for a long time.  I didn’t want a huge planning committee or a huge  planning process.  I just wanted to get things done.

My goal for having this symposium is to give us the opportunity to discuss the diseases that affect our families and friends.  Families are being devastated by diseases that are treatable and manageable.

I include the disease of  “Transgenerational Poverty” as being treatable and manageable, as well, and it will be the focus of a future symposium. Families that show a pattern of risk need to be provided with educational, financial and life skills to succeed.

There are many misconceptions about diseases that illicit unwarranted fears.

I recall overhearing two pre-teens talking about a sleepover.  One of the youths told the other that her mother didn’t want her to spend a night because she may catch leukemia from the other youth’s family member.

I’ve heard stories about women not doing breast exams because it’s sinful to touch yourself.

I know a young man who was having difficulty seeing and after months of discomfort he went to get some glasses.  He was found several weeks later deceased due to diabetes. He was not aware that he had it. 

We need to wake up and start talking about the issues that affect us.  Hopefully, we will see you on September 6th at Bethlehem Temple.


Rina Risper


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