The New Citizens Press Q & A: An interview with Ice Cube
Monday, September 1, 2008

By Joe Walker
The New Citizens Press

Ice Cube is a Hip Hop icon, no doubt about it. Yet with more than ten albums under his belt - including new release “Raw Footage” - he has gained notoriety for doing more than just rapping. Cube made the transition from Hip Hop star to actor and film celebrity in 1991, first appearing as Darin “Doughboy” Baker in director John Singleton's urban neighborhood drama “Boyz N The Hood”. Ice Cube has since starred in twenty-three movies, his twenty-third being current release “The Longshots”.

TNCP - Cube, you've been in a variety of movies - from adult-targeted action and comedy, to films for the entire family. What attracted you to “The Longshots”?

Ice Cube - It's a true story. That was one of the only reasons why I did it, because it's a true story and … I love football.

TNCP - I remember seeing you wear Raiders' gear back when you were with NWA, and various football team jerseys during The Chronic 2001 tour.

Ice Cube - I'm a football fanatic. When I started looking at the story [for The Longshots], I saw it's about the first girl to play Pop Warner football. But that's a small portion of what the movie is about. It's really about two people down-and-out in a down-and-out town that rejuvenates the whole community. By it being true, that pulled me more and more in to it.

TNCP - Your co-star is young actress Keke Palmer. She's consistently impressed critics with her performances, most recently in “Akeela And The Bee”. What was she like on set?

Ice Cube - Keke is an amazing actress. She's going to have a long career. She knows when to be serious with her character, she knows when to have fun with it. She realizes the opportunity that's in front of her. She's got good parents too.

TNCP - This movie is directed by former Limp Bizkit frontman, Fred Durst. What was it like working on a film with him at the helm?

Ice Cube - The first thing I asked him was, “Are you still trying to be a Rock'N Roll star?”(Laughs) He was like, “Hell no. Those days are over. I've lived that fantasy. I'm an artist… an artist like you, Cube. I want to direct. I want my vision to be bigger than just audio.”

TNCP - Sounds like there was respect established right away.

Ice Cube - Fred told me the type of movies he liked, plus I saw a movie he directed that was a cool drama. So I knew he could direct. He was the perfect man for the job. It's more of a drama than people are used to seeing me in. I can't wait for people to see it.

TNCP - You've received rave reviews for your directorial debut, “The Players Club”. But you've just done executive production since. When are you going to get back behind the lens?

Ice Cube - Soon. It just takes a-year-and-half out your life when you direct a movie; I couldn't drop a record, I couldn't do more movies. I don't want to just do one thing. I like to do two or three projects a year. 


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