Wellness News 7-21
Sunday, November 9, 2008

Walk regularly

Put on a pair of walking shoes and take it to the street. Walking is a good start when you take on the task of getting in shape because walking does not put the same strain on your knees and legs like running. Walking will help your lungs function better, help you sleep better, have more energy and help reduce stress. Taking a 30 minute walk daily will also significantly assist you in your quest to loose weight and become more physically fit

Eat healthy

In order to gain physical fitness you also have to change your eating habits and commit to a healthier eating lifestyle. Include more fruit and vegetables in your diet while decreasing red meats, pizza, ham hocks, potato chips and junk foods. When you first begin your healthy eating lifestyle it will be very difficult in the beginning. But once you develop self control you will quickly see the advantages of filling your body with healthy items

Drink water regularly

In order to achieve physical fitness stardom your need to drink six to eight glasses of water daily to clean the body of any toxins and waste. Drinking water regularly also acts as an appetite suppressant. Alcohol, sodas, and other sugar based drinks have long been known as some of the leading causes of obesity. By removing these items from your daily lifestyle you are assuring yourself and your family members that you will have a long and healthy life.

Find support from family and friends

Many people loose weight easier when they involve family and friends. When you begin to commit to eating healthy and working out have your friends and family commit with you. Surround yourself with people who can relate to your struggle and who will be able to encourage you on the days you feel like giving up. Reward yourself as you travel down the road to health and fitness. Set a goal for yourself and as you accomplish those goals provide yourself with periodic treats such as new clothes, new shoes or even a total makeover. As the pounds melt off you will also be rewarded by the increasing number of compliments and encouragement you’ll receive from family and friends.

The most rewarding gift you can give to someone who cares about you or that you care about is the gift of health. This gift assures the people you care about that you’ll be around for many years to share in the joys that life offers. This year give someone you care about the gift of health and fitness.


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