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Sunday, November 9, 2008

CureMichigan statement on Proposal 2 (which changes state law to allow people to donate embryos left over from fertility treatments for scientific research)

From CureMichigan chairman and former Republican Congressman Joe Schwarz, M.D.:

“This is a historic moment in the fight to rid humanity of the most debilitating diseases and conditions we face. As a result of this important victory, we can now say that we all know someone who will benefit from the hope of embryonic stem cell research right here in Michigan.

“We want to thank the thousands of volunteers, the leadership and membership of the organizations that endorsed Proposal 2 and everyone who advocated for passage of the proposal for helping to make the hope for cures a reality.

“On behalf of millions of patients and their families, we especially want to thank the citizens of Michigan who rose above the fear-mongering and cynical politics of our opponents and instead voted with wisdom and compassion for life-saving cures.

“Michigan can now step out of the dark ages of medical research and become a global leader in the war against disease.”


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