Nu Resolution 8-3
Sunday, March 1, 2009

nu poetry


My sista what does it mean to love and hate?
What does it mean to be in pain and then heal?
What does it mean, to be sad
and then happy?
What does it mean to weep and then
have joy in the morning?

My sista we are survivors.
We learn to walk with stride.
Holding our heads up with pride,
learning how to smile
from the joy that is within.

My sista, we are God's creation
who he made and molded.
No weapon can be formed.
No chain can hold me down.
I'm sista with love, not hate.
I'm sista with peace, not war.
I'm a sista who learned to work
sing, dance and take care of home.

A sista who learned the meaning of being single
learning how to deal with the world
God created us to be happy, rich and love,
To be queens, ladies and women who maintain
and hold the position that is given to her

We are sistas who tend to
love and cherish what is precious to us.
We are virtuous as pearls.
We are the fruit of our beauty.
When you find a sista.
You will see fruit blossom
Pearl of white
A flower that smells like a rose
A smile that brightens the day
A laugh that brings forth joy and praise

We as sistas have seen and been through the fire
Our pain and suffering has been broken
We can't carry all of the burdens
But as sistas we can look toward
our own heaven and hills which cast them away

Melissa Angell
Copyright 2008


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