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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dear Rina

Thank you for a wonderful publication and congratulations on your 8th anniversary.

I read the entire article about the Katrina victims.   (January 18, 2009 - January 31, 20090. The entire story was riveting and extremely disturbing.  It is astonishing that the police department and entire justice system there continue to drag their feet and not investigate these murders.  It is unspeakable and unbelievable. 

My folks lived in Slidell - just across Lake Ponchitain from N.O.  They did not evacuate, and we were unable to contact them for @ 4 days.  I know first hand of the damage caused by Katrina.  My mom was deceased within 7 months of the hurricane and I will always believe that the incredible stress from Katrina was instrumental in her illness, which came on suddenly after Katrina.

The federal government needs to pressure the state and local governments to investigate these murders - or send outside legal personnel to deal with it.  But, of course the federal government issued FEMA trailers that ended up having poisonous off-gasses that are cited as killing several people, so maybe that is not a good option either. The individual vigil antes in conjunction with the government that allows them to murder at will and unprovoked - one would have hoped that this was an era behind us, but we all know that it isn't.

People up north do not think about Katrina much anymore-so thanks for challenging us to continue to - God bless you. 

Carol Baker
Lansing, MI

Hi Carol,

We do our best to keep our community informed about issues that still prevail.  It is interesting when you revisit a disaster and you see that the disconnect is still there.  All citizens of America have to continue to support the rebuilding of any area in our country that has been directly impacted by a natural disaster.

We appreciate your comments and hope that you are logging on to our website as well and passing the articles of interest on to those you think will be interested.

The New Citizens Press staff


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