Nu Poetry 8-4
Saturday, March 14, 2009
nu poetry

it seems like every time i think about you tears
start rolling down my eyes and i can’t hide them.

all i want is to be by your side, i know i said
that i wouldn't cry for you
but being without you makes me so blue.

i sit on the bench at the park where we always went
and i look at the sky
and i ask why, "why can’t i get you out of my mind?"

maybe you’re  the one that’s one of a kind
and now that your gone i feel i can’t move on.

you were the one that made me smile,
now i know i'm not going to feel that for a while.

that feeling went by so fast,
i never knew i was going to have to put you in the past.

we said no matter what happened we wouldn't
forget each other, i guess we did and how it
happened i regret, now there’s nothing i can do
except to sit down and think about you.

Jourdyn Thompson
Sexton High School/MSU Upward Bound student
Copyright 2009

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