Business Profile: Capitol City Comics
Sunday, April 12, 2009

Peter J. Ryan and Stephen Jahner, owners of Capital City Collectibles at  1723 E.  Michigan Avenue in Lansing, Michigan.  They specialize in wondrous weirdness.

1.  How long have you been in business?
28 years.

2.  Why did you move to 1723 East Michigan Avenue?
Our previous landlord sold the building which we were in.

3.    Who are your customers?
Anyone 1 to 100 years old who likes cool stuff.

4.   Tell us four things about the items you carry in your store.
a.  Classic comics - We carry comics from the 1930s and on, of all sorts and flavors.
b. New comics  - We have one of the finest selections of new comic books in the Greater Lansing Area.
c. Old games - We have games dating back to the 1800’s.
d.  New games - We carry a large stock of board games, role-playing games, and various collectible games.

5.  Do you think that comic books are a good way to get children to read?  If you do, which ones are best.
Yes.  Comic books are an excellent way to get new readers involved.  Even if they are too young to read, the pictures are eye-catching and entertaining.  I use the numerous "younger reader" titles available from Marvel, D.C. and Archie Comics.

6.  Have  new people come into the store after comic book movies are released?  If yes, which ones.
Yes.  Every comic book related movie which has been released has increased our business.

7.  What direction do you see the comic book and collectibles going?
Forward.  There are new collectors, and new types of collectibles are being introduced every day.  Sometimes the hardest part is to stay on top of the expanding market.

8.  What are you doing to stay afloat during this downturn in the economy?
Everything we possibly can, including giving away free comics and offering discounts to first time buyers.It has greatly increased the reader base, especially amongst women.


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