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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Heritage Park has what teens want

In the last issue of TNCP, 75% of the teens surveyed in teen talk sited more entertainment and activities for teens as something that would make Lansing a better place.  Heritage Park has just that. Heritage Park is a concept for a comprehensive community recreational, cultural, and educational facility with a central focus on Michigan’s history and heritage that fills in the gaps in our community. 

Based on the edutainment model, Heritage Park combines attractions with educational facilities in a family friendly way.  Some of the proposed attractions are: The Michigan Titan; a 3 story carousel, go-carts, remote control boats, and an antique auto ride.  Some of the proposed educational facilities are: an art museum, a planetarium, a walkable map of the state, and a garden featuring the cornucopia of Michigan’s agriculture.

Heritage Park will be the place that families can enjoy together.  Mom and Dad can enjoy the museums while the teens play lazer tag and the youngsters splash in the water play area.  Later, they all can ride the carousel after a game of virtual bowling.  The evening can end with a family style meal in the Rennisance Resturant.

The 110 acre site of the former GM metal stamping plant on West Saginaw Hwy. is the ideal place for Heritage Park to be developed.  It’s easily accessible and won’t require additional road construction.  The park can be laid out in the shape of the state in correct directional positioning.  It will beautifully enhance the view of the highway as you drive by.

Heritage Park will be an enhancement to our community as well as our state.  By attracting thousands of people and their dollars into our area, it can help stabilize the economic base.  It will provide jobs for a hundred permanent workers and hundreds of summer jobs. It will be an educational resource for hundreds of area schools.  It will be a place where we can all come together and present Michigan’s rich history to our children to enrich their future.

To learn much more about Heritage Park and how you can help, please visit the website at:

My name is Brelynn Flake. Ms. Risper visited the Upward Bound group at Michigan State University
and I have just seen the article published in the New Citizen Press. I would like to express my gratitude for being able to contribute to your works. Thank you for posting our articles in your newspaper,
Brelynn Flake
18 years old
Eastern High School

Ms. Flake,

Thank you for your kind words.  We love supporting our youth as they are important to the survival of this town.

In your comments to us, you also told us that you wanted to see:

Increased teen involvement in politics (where appropriate), more parks and recreational activities and job fairs with connections.  At the bottom of your form, you also wrote out the word. 


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