Nu Poetry 8-8
Saturday, May 9, 2009

Earth Day Poetry

Losing Habitats

A beautiful home.
Animals happy.
People start cutting down trees.
Animals start losing their shelter.
People cut more trees.
Animals continue losing a safe place to live.
Animals feel terrorized and depressed.
Animals suffer.
Some animals adapt.
Others perish from their new
Then everything is soon gone.
-Destiny S.
4th Grade
Woodcreek Magnet School


Earth is super healthy.
I am close to my friends.
Far away from clouds and the sun.
Look better than one summer day.
James T. 4th grader,
Woodcreek Magnet School

Earth Day

Earth Day
Water, grass, dirt, trees
A lot of plants grow on Earth
Clouds give rain to the Earth
Leaves fall off trees in fall
People pollute the earth
Earth Day

-Erick C.
4th Grader
Woodcreek Magnet School

Earth Day

No more cutting down trees
Make Earth Day everyday!
 Start now
Earth Day

-Marwa A.
4th Grader
Woodcreek Magnet School


Green, growing, leaves, roots,
Plants growing all around!
Plants are all over the world
Come and go with the seasons
Seed, plant, flower, seed

-David E.
4th Grader
Woodcreek Magnet School

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