As I See It? 8-8
Saturday, May 9, 2009

By Melik
It has been said this has been the coldest winter in ten years. All I know is my heat bill has been through the roof. When I am in my house I usually have on several layers and a blanket and I am still a little chilled. When I am going somewhere in my car it never seems to get warm inside. My dog is good for about two or three minutes then she starts limping around trying to protect her feet. I ask myself, do I really need to buy dog shoes. I do not know what to do with her. This is the longest I have ever had to take care of another living being. Heck, there are times I forget to feed her in the morning. Oh boy as I write this I remember once again I have forgotten to put food in her bowl. I will do that right now.

There were a couple of times of times I felt myself getting ‘sick’. Whenever that happens I buy a gallon of orange juice and try to drink it all in a day. I do not know if it works but in my mind the vitamin C is going to keep me from being ill. Or call it mind over body, I have managed to keep sickness at bay this winter. At least I was able to until Tuesday. That morning I woke with very strong stomach gurgles. All I will say about that is I did not want to be far from my own bathrooms. I am not sure how I got sick. At first I thought it might have been some ‘bad’ food that I had on a buffet Monday night. Then I remembered that I was at a birthday party where the birthday girl had flu like symptoms. In both instances I should have known to proceed with caution. I had gone to the function that had the buffet late so that meant the food had been sitting out for several hours. The birthday girl was throwing up and mom was taking care of the child and passing out cake. I am not a germ freak but I do have a tendency to wash my hands a lot. I also try to stay away from places that I feel may be full of the heeby jeebies.

What is my point? It is not anything too profound. It would just be a reminder to appreciate the basics. Give thanks for what you do have. Be grateful for the everyday positives. In a time of when the world is looking like it is beginning to crash in we must remember that we all have the capability to survive. I am thankful for everyday that I can wake up, walk, feed myself, and enjoy my chilly home. And right now I am reminded to be grateful for everyday that I am not sick. Be healthy people and do all that you can to stay that way. And remember to eat your fruits and vegetables.

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