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Friday, June 5, 2009

Hi Rina!  In Bible Class last night Bishop Singleton (from Bethlehem Temple located at 1518 S. Washington Avenue) was talking about what a nice article "The New Citizens Press" featured about my son and family.  He told the Saints that were at church that they need to read the article.  He said it was very good.  Sunday morning your  newspaper disappeared like hot cakes.  I went into Sunday school
session, got some coffee, proceeded to go to service and they were all gone.

Vivian Bodiford
Lansing, MI

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Tell us three things that would make Lansing  better place:
1.  There needs to be more youth engagement.  Our youth need more activities that will catch their interest and keep them out of trouble.
2.  Keep our city clean.
3.  Stop the transport of drugs or drug dealers.

Tyrone Bonds
J.W. Sexton High School
17 years old

Three suggestion I have for Lansing, MI are that we need to make these abandoned buildings positive places I think we need a place where teen can go and hang out and have good Christian fun.  We need to sing and swim.  The parks also need to be rejuvenated.  We need more teen jobs too.

Ashlei Echols
Everett High School
16 years old


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