Sunday, May 1, 2005

By Joe Walker
Special to The New Citizens Press from XPOZ magazine

      Ludacris is a failure.
    I have no knowledge of his franchise season on NBA Live 2005, nor do I know how well Ludacris matches up with opponents on Tekken 5. I cannot tell you if Ludacris was able to rescue the President’s daughter on Resident Evil 4, nor can I tell you if he gets lapped on Mario Kart Double Dash. What I can say is that Ludacris has failed when it comes to selling records.
     With his fourth album “The Red Light District” being certified platinum, Ludacris has failed to release an album that sold less than one million copies. Laughing all the way to the bank, the Chicago-born/Atlanta native has become a huge success since his national debut in 2000. With this album, the rap star is being called one of the ten best rappers today. Just don’t expect him to get an inflated ego though.
     “I’m really a humble person,” Ludacris began, “so I really believed in longevity and consistency before I would start ranking myself at the top of any list.”
     “Success gets better with every album,” Ludacris continued. “I’m just having fun right now. A lot of people don’t even make it past their first or second album.”
     Ludacris scored a hit earlier in 2005 with his first single titled “Get Back.” Since then Ludacris has released current hit “Number One Spot,” as well as re-teaming with Usher and Lil Jon for the smash hit “Lovers & Friends.” All three singles were different in style, tempo, and content.
     “It’s important to be real versatile and give everybody something,” Ludacris stated. “I’m a fan of a lot of different kinds of music, so I’ll have a club song, and then I’ll have the lyrics, and then I’ll have something you can ride to. As long as I’m being myself and give everybody what they want, then I should be alright.”

The Reign of Ludacris – ALBUMS 2000 - 2005
Back For The First Time – platinum x4
Word of Mouf – platinum x3
Disturbing The Peace Presents … Golden Grain - gold
Chicken’N Beer – platinum x3
Red Light District - platinum


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