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Monday, July 20, 2009

Dear Readers,

I know that the economy is in bad shape but our attitudes don’t have to be.  This is the time to reach out to your neighbors.  This isn’t the time for bickering about trivial matters just for the sake of it.  We’re in difficult and different economic times and we’re going to have to change the way that we think. 

As unemployment rises, we know that the uninsured numbers will begin  to rise as well.  No matter what the crisis is, good health is essential to survival.  Can we afford to live in these challenging times without health care?

Usually when a person doesn’t have health care, they wait until the last minute to get treatment.  By the time they get to the hospital, they have some serious problems.  The problems usually require an emergency room visit and that’s costly.

We need to stay healthy and begin to manage our lives as though we are “self caregivers”. 

On the campaign trail, there have been many people who are concerned about health care and having access to medicines.

If you are recently unemployed there are options for possible health care and also financial help with some prescriptions.

We can all take part in this process.  Where did society loose the ability to take care of one another, to provide helpful information to one another and to provide empowerment with a few simple words like “call 211, they might be able to help”?

What ever happened to making a little extra or buying a little extra for the elderly person who lives a few houses down.

We need to hold own and educate.  When people are knowledgable about what is available, including the policies and laws, they are better able to advocate for themselves and their families.

It is essential that we exhaust all opportunities for success before giving up.  If you are tired, ask a friend.  If you are feeling down, tell your significant other.

We need to keep it together for the future generations.  The charade of being all right is over.  I have speaking about taking care of each other for a long time.  My passion is not just a knee jerk reaction to the economy.  It took many years for us to get into this situation.  I hope it won’t take many years to emerge.

Creativity is needed to move people forward.  We have a responsibility to take care of each other. 

We have a duty to provide information in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, some are too busy to answer, while the person in need is ill or hungry.  Anger begins to simmer like a pressure cooker.  I wonder sometimes how people can sit in a movie and watch people act out being upset when they feel like they are not getting the answers they deserve.  It’s interesting how we deal with those issues locally.  It’s no one’s fault any more.  We need to put our minds together and respect the differences.  We have been doing the same thing for years and it is time for a change.


Rina Risper

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