Book Review 8-16
Monday, August 31, 2009

Tuesday, September 22 at 7 p.m.
at Schuler Books & Music, Eastwood Towne Center, 2820 Towne Center Blvd., Lansing. MI 48912

Bring on the Blessings  is a contemporary tale of hope, caring, and humanity that she has held close to her heart for years.

Jenkins draws heavily on the African-American experience in this fictional tale of those precious things that knit humanity together: community, compassion, and the joy of working together to achieve a common philanthropic goal. There will be a night of free wine, women’s fiction and, of course, the grab bag book drawing.

Bring On the Blessings

On Bernadine Brown's fifty-second birthday she received an unexpected gift—she caught her husband, Leo, cheating with his secretary. She was hurt—angry, too—but she didn't cry woe is me. Nope, she hired herself a top-notch lawyer and ended up with a cool $275 million. Having been raised in the church, she knew that when much is given much is expected, so she asked God to send her a purpose.

The purpose turned out to be a town: Henry Adams, Kansas, one of the last surviving townships founded by freed slaves after the Civil War. The failing town had put itself up for sale on the Internet, so Bernadine bought it.

Trent July is the mayor, and watching the town of his birth slide into debt and foreclosure is about the hardest thing he's ever done. When the buyer comes to town, he's impressed by her vision, strength, and the hope she wants to offer not only to the town and its few remaining residents, but to a handful of kids in desperate need of a second chance.

Not everyone in town wants to get on board though; they don't want change. But Bernadine and Trent, along with his first love, Lily Fontaine, are determined to preserve the town's legacy while ushering in a new era with ties to its unique past and its promising future.

About the Author:

Ms Jenkins’ historical romance novels highlight African/American life in the 19th century. She has received numerous awards for her works, including: six Waldenbooks/Borders Group Best Sellers Awards and two Career Achievement Awards from Romantic Times Magazine.

In 2004 Ms. Jenkins branched out into romantic suspense with the publication of Edge of Midnight. Her first, faith based, women’s fiction, Bring on the Blessings was published in Jan 2009. Her two teen historical -- Belle and Josephine -- have been reissued.


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