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Sunday, September 27, 2009

What do you do for fun? I like to ask people that. I have received a lot of interesting answers. What I find strange is, however, are the people that do not have an answer. I hear things like ‘I enjoy my job.’ To which I say but that is still a job. I continue to press and inquire about what they like to do to relieve stress, forget about the job, not worry about the bills, and just escape from the drudgery. I have been amazed at the number of people that seem completely dumbfounded at the notion of doing something just for fun. I do not mean fun like going to the bar and throwing back a few. I mean fun in the most selfish way possible, something that someone does just for themselves. It seems to me a lot of people believe that selfish is a bad word. Excluding others and doing for you is not a bad thing in my opinion. I find it can be extremely helpful and therapeutic. How well do you get along with others if you have been sleep deprived for several days? How grumpy are you with others if you do not nourish yourself? How well do you communicate with others if you have not had that morning cup of java?
For fun, in my eyes, is far removed from what you do for a job that you are dependent on. For fun, is far removed from any need that you have to fill a commitment to others. For fun, does not necessarily mean that you have to do the deed alone but sometimes that can be the most freeing kind of fun. For fun, could be almost as rejuvenating as a dream vacation with unlimited resources. Fun can be the escapism that allows you to better deal with when life is not so much fun. For fun, could help you cope when things are far from being fun. Heck, it would seem to me for fun should be mandatory, but that would not be fun now would it? For fun, kind of needs to have that ‘I should not be doing this’ factor. That can make things really fun.
For fun, for me has changed over the years. When I was much younger I used to think it was fun to get completely inebriated. However as time went on the cost of this so called fun began to get greater to the point where it began to cancel out the fun of it all. I had to quit that completely. So then I had to find a new kind of fun. Napping was fun but it is not very exciting. I discovered riding a motorcycle which was scarier than fun in the beginning but as my confidence grew so did the fun. Same thing happened when I took up golfing. Not fun at all whatsoever when I started. I thought this is nothing but work, then I found someone that taught me my golf foundation. Now going to the golf range can be a great source of fun and self confidence. It can be very calming and peace inducing walking the greens and fairways listening to the animals frolic. Shopping can be fun but good golly that can get expensive. Fun regret is no darn good. And if you have to work twice as hard after your fun to make up for it, that is not worth it to me. Surprisingly to me, I find target practice extremely fun. The challenge of taking a high powered hand gun, squeezing the trigger and hitting that bull’s eye is exhilarating. To those that have not, I say try it before you knock it. I have found a lot of different things that cause me to escape what is not fun so that any time of the year I can be sure to be able to escape from it all and return with a fun smile on my face. And if people ask me what I am smiling about, I let them wonder.

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