me2u - Blockers - 8-22
Saturday, November 21, 2009

I realize people in this country feel the pressure of the instantaneous, got to have it now world and have a self-inflicted condition of having to be anywhere else right now. However, it still amazes me how many people do not seem to have the capacity to enjoy the moment. This kind of person seems to be always searching for the next big moment. It makes me wonder how many moments these types of people were not fully able to appreciate because they were not paying attention to what was happening to them right then. I also realize the interactive capabilities of technology make the world a little smaller with Web 2.0 consisting of blogs, social online communities and networks, E-mail, instant messaging, and text messaging. With all these things promoting how great and well known you could be as an individual, it is no wonder people get caught up in becoming narcissistic. Not so much reality television, anyone?

Then there are the people that seem to travel at a hurried pace. Those are the type that no matter the mode of travel, they consistently seem like they are competing in time trials for a race. You know the type, that one driver that cuts you off when a lane ends even though there were signs for miles. They just have to be that one or two more cars ahead. Then they are so darn annoying that after the traffic clears you end up passing them a short distance down the line. You think to yourself, ‘oh joy, good thing you got ahead of me just so you could be in the way again.’ Have you ever taken a long trip somewhere and come to the realization that you have passed the same vehicle four times? That is when I play NASCAR. I have to admit I mash on the gas until that annoying driver is just a blip in my review mirror. While I am it, those of you that like to drive under the suggested speed, will you please move over to the right? That would be greatly appreciated.

But wait. There is something that drives me bonkers. With all these people rushing and running around when they do stop they do so in the weirdest places. The “blockers” I call them. Who is this person that stops in the ‘intersection’ of a parking lot so that not only can I not get out of my parking space, but other people have no room to drive around them? Why was there a bus blocking the entrance to the library that took its sweet time to move as I was trying to get into the lot? Oh go ahead and make that left hand turn in front of me from the far right hand lane. I would like to keep the front end of my car. Let me slam on my brakes so you have plenty of room. Where are you from that people never get off of elevators? Not only are you standing just a few inches from the doors you hardly make a move for me to be able to exit so that you may enter. Hey people, it is called a doorway, not ‘place for two or more people to stop to talk and say excuse me as they move just a smidge so that I have to spin sideways to slide by. Oh please, do not give me a dirty look because I grazed your bum. Oh what a surprise, I am coming back through. Boy, I must be bothersome to you messing up your conversation like this with my self-centered wanting to move around freely. Do not mind me; I am just trying to get through to get to the eggs. I did not realize you had this whole aisle on lock down with your sideways parked grocery cart. Allow me to find another route. Seriously, you are not going to even attempt to push your broken down car off to the side of the road? Ya know people, sometimes it is not about you. Maybe it could be about us? Please remember to be courteous to others, thank you.



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