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Monday, December 7, 2009

 Jazz Studies at MichiganState University

As Michigan State University begins to discuss ways to reduce current and projected budget shortfalls, we have become aware of false rumors relating to the status of the Jazz Studies

Program within the College of Music. We want to assure our current jazz majors, their parents,

prospective jazz students, faculty, alumni, and friends that the undergraduate

and graduate degree programs in jazz at Michigan State University are continuing. The only

aspect of the jazz major to  be discontinued is, regretfully, the jazz voice specialization.


It is a priority of the College of Music and Michigan  State University to enable  the undergraduate and

graduate degree programs  in Jazz Studies to continue to grow in excellence and to flourish. We appreciate the excellent work that the faculty  and students in Jazz Studies have accomplished

and look forward to our work together in the future.


We would be pleased to  meet or speak with any  interested individuals to further clarify any confusion

that may exist. Your help in dispelling inaccurate information about the status of the Jazz Studies program at Michigan State University would be appreciated.


James B. Forger, Dean,

College of Music

Rodney T. Whitaker,

Director, Jazz Studies


East Lansing, MI


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