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Sunday, January 17, 2010
Dear Readers, 
Having hope in economically challenging times is difficult but very possible as we rely on the close knit relationships provided by our families and friends.  According to the most recent information, Michigan has the highest number of people moving out of the state and the unemployment rate is extremely high compared to the national average.  We must continue to have faith in Michigan.  Joel Snyder, moved back to Michigan after living in Colorado. Now Joel's family and his extended family is one that is managing to live and work in Michigan. 
William (Bill) Anthony Snyder, Joel's father, who was born in 1931 humorously blames the breakdown of the American family on air conditioning.  He says that since the invention of the air conditioner more people began to stay inside.  He believes it in one of the main reasons why neighbors don't speak to each other.   
Bill is no stranger to change.  He flipped burgers while he learned a new job.  His old job as an electrotyper was phasing out because industries were changing.  Once there were switchboard operators as well.  With one child and another on the way, Bill took a chance on a new industry for the decade, computers.  While flipping burgers, he trained to be a punch card operator. His wife, Claudette, was a registered nurse before opting to stay at home to raise 8 children. 
Bill was one of the first employees at Compuware and all of his 8 children still live in Michigan.  He is now retired and splits his time between Michigan and Arizona.  Even though Claudette passed away 6 years ago, he finds joy in being around family and friends.   
Joel said, “My siblings and I found it ironic that there were tropical storms/hurricanes last summer named Bill and Claudette.  A strange coincidence - perhaps a message from my mother?” 
Joel remembers that his dad bought one of the first televisions on the block.  He smiled fondly as he told me stories about how his father is telling the same jokes and stories that he tells his grandchildren.  Joel states he has many. 
Living in Detroit, in the mid 1970's, Bill decided to move his wife and young children to the suburbs.  He's all about family and loves to talk about his 11 grandchildren and their parents that he raised. 
Bill's brother, Uncle Dave, had 8 children (1 boy and 7 girls); his sister, Aunt Marge has 4 children and his other sister, Aunt Mary had 6 children.  Recently, a large majority of the family met for a sort of family reunion put on by one of Bill's nephews.  Also as a result of the reunion Joel and his wife joined a bowling league with his cousins.  They meet once a month - the league is more social than competitive.  
Joel said with a smile,  “The league has 12 teams and I think I am related to nine or ten of the other team members.   We have a great time. I have reconnected with my cousins and we raise a few dollars for charity at the same time.”
Joel said, “I fell in love in Colorado but I brought my wife home to Michigan.  I have close family, it was a  better decision to move back home. I enjoy watching my kids with my family.  I especially marvel that my father pulls the same tricks on my children.” 
Love grows where family is and even Joel's children still have hope and faith that they will live and raise their own families in Michigan.  Pass it on. 
Rina Risper

The next edition will start our 9th year.   


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