Shoe Repair Shop Inspires “Sole Searching”
Thursday, February 4, 2010










In addition to replacing soles and heels, here are some other footwear-related services you can find at Contemporary Shoe Repair

Your Shoes...
•   Shoes can be stretched for increased comfort.
•   Shoes can be adapted to fit unique feet.
•   Shoes can be professionally
waterproofed to protect from winter salt stains.
•   Heel tips can be changed from hard to  non-skid rubber.
•   Heel savers can be applied to prolong the life of the heel.
•   Protective soles can be applied to prolong the life of the leather soles. 
•   Eyelets and other hardware can be replaced.
New Shoes...
•  Protective soles can be applied to extend sole life and increase slip resistance.
•   Shoes can be dyed if a color change  is necessary.
•    Shoes that are too tight can be stretched up to a quarter size.
•    Plastic heels can be replaced with slip resistant rubber.
•    Shoes can be weatherproofed for added protection in wet or oily environments.
LANSING, MI --  Most customers are looking for a way to save in 2010 by keeping what they have in good condition.  Many this year have made a resolution to keep their Coach, Manolo and Johnston Murphy's and other footwear in good shape.  
With more people inclined to recycle, reduce and reuse, local shoe repair owner Mark  Michaels  says that repairing shoes and other leather goods, such as handbags can help you hang on to your favorite items longer.  In these hard economic times, keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket is important and the added value is that you will also have happier feet.
The whirling machines in the back of the store with their gears turning, has fixed many residents shoes over the past 30 years. Micheals customer base has expanded to the children and the grandchildren of his first customers.
Contemporary Shoe Repair recently moved around the corner from its old location at 337 S. Washington Square to 109 W. Kalamazoo Street next to the Capital Area District Library. Michaels said got deal that he could not refuse and the new location gives him free parking in front for his customers.  
Upon entering Contemporary Shoe Repair the smell is familiar: the scent of shoe polish, varnish and dye seems to surround you like a long lost friend. Michaels greets his customers with a smile and begins to ask questions about their shoes like any professional would ask a client.   Preventative maintenance seems to be on Michaels' agenda as he tells a customer that investing in shoe care is one of the most important things you can do.   
His shop is advertised by mostly word of mouth.   He is just as comfortable repairing Christian Diors as he is every day work shoes.   
Michaels said, “Broken straps can be fixed and scuffs polished away. The annoying sound of the metal meeting the pavement on worn stiletto heels can be mended with new heel lifts.”
Gluing heels, sewing seams and patching soles amid the smell of polish and the hum of the shoe finisher is home to Michaels.  
With a smile Michaels added, “Providing my customers with comfortable shoes is the key to business success.”
For more information go to or call 517-485-6735.

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