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Thursday, February 4, 2010

 Dear Readers, 

February of 2010 marks the 9th anniversary of The New Citizens Press.  We have been striving to provide the community with news and information that is local and beyond.  We have attempted to weave the stories that are not being told into the fabric of our readers lives. 
The last 9 years have been interesting to say the least.  Our battle to remain in print is being won as we have been somewhat immune from economic woes.  It was very important that we made calculated moves to make sure that we could continue to provide you with great customer service.  Honesty, integrity and stability are also important to running our business.  We need your comments.  We need you to pick up the paper.  We need your advice.  We are just as involved as you allow us to be.
We find that regardless of your political affiliation, socio economic class, race or religion, our economic crisis is sending a negative ripple effect through our communities and particularly our homes.   
We will continue to bring you stories of hope and encouragement.  We are interested in writing and publishing stories about our community.  Regardless of your place in society, our articles serve to inform and arm you with resources to be more knowledgeable about issues that seemingly did not touch you before.
Many now are feeling the painful effects of different financial blows.  It could be your 401K, foreclosure, job loss or illness.  If you are not in it personally, it is the parents of the child who is sitting next to yours in class.  You may just see it in the rising prices of goods and services. 
You can flourish by arming yourself with information to help those who need it.  Go to our website page and send articles to friends, without you we cannot continue to grow.
We will be at the downtown library on February 20, from 11 am to 3 pm, celebrating our 9th Anniversary with other groups that document histories. So please read the article on the front page and pay us a visit.
Recently, I received a phone call from a woman from New Hampshire about being a part of a fascinating research database.
Her email said, “In a recent conversation with several librarians in Michigan we asked what news sources are we missing in our database that would provide more comprehensive and retrospective research opportunities to their students, professors and patrons.   More than a few librarians recommended I check out your website.   It is a nice compliment to your coverage that these education, government and public libraries understand the value of your perspective to that of daily and weekly community and metro newspapers.   I am a "card-carrying" librarian of 25+ years and I believe passionately that good research is all about finding every perspective available.”
I am proud to say that TNCP is now a part of NewsBank, Inc., which is one of the world's premier information providers for more than 35 years. NewsBank's comprehensive, Web-based research products satisfy the diverse needs of public libraries, colleges and universities, schools, government and military libraries, professionals and researchers.  We are glad to be a part of it and we want you to be a part of it.
While you have some downtime, spend more time researching your family.  Hopefully, this year we will be able to launch our obituary section, if not in the paper but online too.  Our information will always be available.  We just received information that NewsBank has started a geneaology database.  What is going to be your legacy that you leave when your family members are looking for you in the year 2110?  
Thanks for an amazing 9 years.
Rina Risper

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