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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear Readers,

Getting your financial life together is going to be very important for your future. Life insurance is important because you never know when tragedy is going to strike. 
We do not have the opportunity to choose when death occurs. Life insurance can help you pay for the funeral and other unforeseen expenses that your family will be exposed to ie. paying the car note and the mortgage or rent. There will always be a loss of income if one family member dies. There are many families that do not have the funds to pay for an unexpected death. I am sure that some of you have heard stories about fights and fundraisers over the cost of a funeral.  So why is it that we continue not to leave wealth to our spouses and children?  Even when we know the unexpected may occur.
I was reading a story about bodies piling up in the Wayne County morgue in a Detroit newspaper. I could not believe that there were over 50 bodies in the morgue because the there was no money left in the state coffers to pay for burial of those left destitute, broken and alone.
With poor planning other things that can happen.
Imagine this scenario: she was happily married for 20 years and she had an insurance policy. Unfortunately, when she died her policy beneficiary had never been changed. A beneficiary is the person that you put on your insurance policy who will collect your death benefit. 
Just think about this: the woman had never changed her beneficiary from her sister. After 15 years of being happily married, the husband received nothing. The sister received all of the money. When the wife began her job 1 year before she was married, she put her sister as the beneficiary of her $50,000 employee paid life insurance policy.  It was a part of her benefits package. One year later she was married and did not think about changing her beneficiary.  
When the wife died, her sister was paid the $50,000.00 and the grieving husband was left to pay for the funeral and the bills the couple acquired together.
The husband and wife did not plan for their future properly.  The outcome was just as harsh for them as it is for the family that does not have any insurance.  Bills and expenses still grow after death.
Be responsible.  Handle your business.  Create wealth for your offspring and your spouse in the event of unforeseen tragedy.  Also consider being a organ donor.  Thinking about it?  The internet is the perfect place to do research about getting insurance or becoming a donor.  The world does not stop revolving when you are gone, make sure your family has a safety net so you can help them survive even if you are not here.
Rina Risper
This article was printed in the March 28, 2010 - April 10, 2010 edition

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