News Spotlight: Smith only Dem candidate to gain in polls
Wednesday, March 31, 2010


 YPSILANTI, MI -- State Representative Alma Wheeler Smith (D-Salem) today announced that her campaign is the only in the Democratic primary that is gaining momentum. Smith’s claim comes after the latest results of a Rasmussen opinion poll were released.

"Some in the media and around the Lansing beltway have counted my campaign out since we launched it over a year ago. The continuous growth in the polls proves that my campaign is gaining momentum daily, even as other candidates have the advantage of being covered in the press more often than I am.” Smith said. “I have been around the political system long enough to know that polls like these are not always perfect indicators of campaigns, but I believe that in a wide-open race like this, our continuous growth is substantial.”

Smith is now polling at 10% an increase of 3% since 2/25/10. The trend of increases has been substantial since the poll on 1/31/2010, which showed Smith at 2%. While Smith continues to climb in polls other democrats have been stagnant or have lost ground. Virg Bernero polled at 5% on 1/31/10, 8% on 2/25/10 and remained at 8% in the poll released yesterday. Andy Dillon polled at 6% in the January poll, 17% on 2/25 and has dropped to 12%.

 “We are working hard every day to take our message across the State.” Smith said, “Michigan needs leadership and real solutions. I believe that I am gaining momentum because the public recognizes that I am the only candidate in this primary that has not only a vision for Michigan, but a plan and the resolve to see it to fruition.”


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