MoJo’s Table-for-Two Reviews - the Soup Spoon Cafe
Saturday, April 24, 2010









The Soup Spoon Café

1419 E. Michigan Avenue


Price Range: From $3.99- $9.99

Intimate café atmosphere with excellent customer service

[Mo:] I haven’t been to the Soup Spoon Café in a couple of years but what I remembered were their savory Salmon dishes (the smoked salmon salad and their pan seared Atlantic salmon) and I thought this would be a great place for us to enjoy a quick lunch as well as enjoy a friendly warm atmosphere.  I was right!

[Jo:] As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly staff that immediately put me at ease from the thoughts of all I had to accomplish at work.  I ordered the Shrimp “Voodoo” Pasta which featured gulf shrimp sautéed with green pepper and onions.  It was tossed with linguine in a Cajun tarragon sherry sauce.  I also ordered a cup of seafood chowder on the side. 

[Mo:] Because it was close to St. Patrick’s Day, there were specials being featured that were not on the regular menu.  I decided to abandon the thought of a salad or a sandwich and opt for the special:  The Irish Tenderloin Stew with beef and cabbage soup. 


[Mo:] The silence you have just experienced was a re-enactment of our swooning over our meals when they arrived!

[Jo:]  The savory smell of my chowder alerted my mouth that something good was en route.  There was an abundant mix of clams and shrimp in a creamy sauce with a small spicy kick to it that reminded you, “This soup means business.” It was good!  When it was gone, I missed it like a friend that had just left for the summer. 

[Mo:]   Not too many people can make cabbage soup like Mama but I must say that they must have smuggled her into the kitchen!  The soup had small chunks of beef mixed with a light broth with the perfect texture of cabbage.  Not too firm and definitely not soggy.  Moreover, it was spicy (in a good way) and I strongly considered upturning the cup to my mouth to ensure that I got every last drop; but the place was crowded and I didn’t want to make a scene.

[Jo laughs:] When my Voodoo shrimp arrived I first noticed how beautiful the dish was presented.  The shrimp were huge, the linguini was cooked al dente and both were seasoned just right. 

 [Mo:] The Irish Tenderloin stew contained large chunks of tender beef, stewed to perfection along with onions, carrots and slivers of well-seasoned potatoes.  The broth was the perfect mix of spicy and sweet.  Yum!  Although I had no more room for any more food, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention dessert.  You MUST have the bread pudding.  Once that square of caramel bliss arrives and the aroma tickles your nostrils, you will be sold and you will order it again and again (even if it’s “to go”!)

 [Jo:] The drive from home to the Café. Free.  The cost of our meal. Under $22.00.  The experience of my mouth and belly rejoicing in unison?  Priceless!



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