How do I wear that trend…velvet and velour
Sunday, November 7, 2010


By Ashia Sims
Velvet is back! Well by back, I mean for the second fall season in a row. So if you took the challenge I presented last year and got yourself some velvet, rejoice because you made a sound style choice. Velvet and velour made appearances on the runways of Fall 2010 fashion weeks so it made my fall trend list as well.
I’m on the look out for a some online shops that sell budget friendly velvet and 

velour items so if you come across any, please share! I’ve been keeping an eye out for some and haven’t found any yet. Now it could be my location that’s causing the challenge since I’m based in Atlanta and our temperatures are still over 60 degrees on a regular basis. So please share your shopping tips!
Since I’ve touched on the velvet trend previously, I won’t belabor the point here much. There is a link to a previous article I wrote: How do I wear that trend…velvet. So click on and read away!
However, I did notice that I while I mentioned wearing velvet in your hair as a head band or barrette, you can also wear velvet and velour as accessories. Velvet offers more options because it can be worn casually or dressed up. If you wear velour pants or a velour jacket it tends to look more casual.
However, this is a great way to look polished while dressing down as long as the velour you wear fits properly. I’ve seen women wearing velour that is way too tight or way too loose. Fit is important.
Also, be on the look out for velvet and velour in scarves, necklaces and earrings. It will be a great way to experiment with the trend. Please, please, please do not wear velvet head to toe!
Ashia Sims is a  writer and blogger that works in television and film production. Clueless Fashionista is dedicated to making fashion fun and easy to understand.  Visit her website at and blog at 
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