News Spotlight: LANSING MOTORCYCLE SHOOT: Hello all future cast members!
Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hello all future cast members!

The two days of the shooting are coming up on us quickly so as promised, here are some specifics of our shoot. Please read everything as it will include what to bring, parking information and call times. Also, please feel free to contact Tim Whelan with any questions that you might have.
Below are the full days of shooting. If you can only make one day for a limited time that is totally OK. If possibly please specify when you expect to be there in our RSVP Form: We will need the most people on Saturday so tell all your friends!
Friday Nov. 19: 2-6p
Saturday Nov. 20: 2-9p
Location: Warehouse (see below)
Ladies - Please bring or wear dark make-up to create a grungy/sexy/cool look. Teased hair and dark clothing works. Black tank tops, studded belts and other punky jewelry would be sweet. Looking for a hipster/biker look. Also, be sure to bring a sweatshirt or jacket, preferably dark/black if you want to wear that for your “look”.
Guys - Dark clothing all around. T-shirts, jackets, studded belts, dark jeans... all cool. Again think hipster/biker. Ray-Bans might be a nice touch for a too cool for school attitude. 
Remember, we are trying to create a cool biker hangout/club setting. 
Located in Old Town, Lansing. We are shooting in a Warehouse that is located inside the block surrounded by Turner, Beaver, North and Center St.
We need everyone we can get to fill our scenes out, so feel free to bring friends. We will be providing food and beverage (Beer if you are over 21). So please pass this email along to anyone you think might be interested. 
Also if you can think of anyone with any special talents like juggling, skateboarding, snake handling, fire-breathing, ect... let them know about this!
Thank you all in advance as you are an INTEGRAL part of this coming together. 

Tim Whalen
 | Senior Graphic Designer | MessageMakers - 517.482.3333

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