Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DETROIT, MI -- J.Poww and Street Sounds/Universal have reached an agreement on a licensing deal that will allow the record label to feature “Amazing (#1 Baby)” and “Dolla Bill$” on the R&B Street Anthems vol.1.

“Poww! the appropriate name as J. scores a knockout in two genres,” say Tre Carn, A&R Consultant at Street Sounds/Universal. The compilation album is set to be released January 24, 2011 in the U.K.

Street Sounds/Universal sought out J.Poww after seeing his single, “I’m Not In Love” from his current album, Journey of a Man, on the Soundclick R&B and Urban music charts. SoundClick is the #1 online music artist community. The song topped at #5 on the R&B Charts and #6 on the Urban Charts.

The two tracks chosen for the compilation were slated to be released on the “Journey of a Man” album but have since been pulled. “Journey of a Man” will be re-released Dec 23, 2010, with a new cover and bonus tracks to replace the tracks that were removed.

 “I am looking forward to taking my solo career international. There is a unique appreciation for music internationally, especially R&B. Street Sounds provides the perfect avenue for me to reach these potential fans and make a lasting impression,” says J.Poww.

Since 1982, Street Sounds/Universal has released over 80 compilation albums featuring legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrass. “Amazing (#1 Baby)” will be the leading track on the latest compilation which will have approximately 30 songs from various artists.

John 'J-Ski' Powe and his brother Shawn grew up singing together in Lansing, MI.

They added John 'J.C.' Clay and Demetrius Peete (aka Peete) in high school and college; the quartet formed and began to write songs and rehearse.

Moving to Detroit to record their contemporary R&B-based a cappella compositions, U.N.V. soon found “Something's Goin' On” receiving airplay on local station WJLBorn The song became a local hit, prompting Maverick Records to sign the band and release the single. It topped the R&B charts, forcing U.N.V. to quickly record an album. “Something's Goin' On” was released in 1993; Universal Nubian Voices followed soon after.

This article was printed in the December 18, 2010 - January 1, 2011 edition.


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