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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dear TNCP,

My name is Todd A. Heywood. I am a journalist based in Lansing, MI. In the course of my career I have covered many issues revolving around HIV -- from criminalization, to disclosure to epidemiology and new discoveries in medicine and science. I am also openly HIV-positive.

In addition to my love of investigative informative reporting, I have a deep seated love of theater. I have directed over 100 plays, written several pieces that have been produced in Michigan and other states, and I have won several awards for my acting. I recently met with the artistic director of a local professional theater company in Lansing and during our discussion, the idea of a play exploring the impact of HIV on relationships would be a fantastic piece of theater which would help people to understand what living with HIV in America in 2000's is about.

As such, I am now soliciting stories from those living with HIV as well as those who have been touched by HIV. Are you in a magnetic relationship? How did you meet? How did you disclose? What were the reactions? How does one partner being negative impact your relationship? What do your friends and family think? Have you faced criminal charges because of your HIV status? Why? When did it happen? What were the circumstances? What was the outcome?

These and other issues are important. Help me tell our stories! You can send your story to You can do this with audio, video, or simply write your story out. Your name and identity will be protected and I will be the only one with access to your email address. Make sure to put in your email a way for me to send follow up questions to you!

Thanks so much in advance.


Todd A. Heywood
Lansing, MI


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