On the Road with MoJo Table-for-Two Reviews : 11th Street Station Restaurant
Wednesday, February 2, 2011






11th Street Station Restaurant

1050 East 11th Street, Suite 100
Austin, TX 
Price Range: From $7.99 - $18.99
Casual dining atmosphere with great customer service
[Jo:]  While cruising around town one day, we stumbled upon a free concert on the East side of town on 11th street.  11th street is included in a redevelopment plan which seeks to restore the area into an entertainment and arts center that's very close to downtown.  Many restaurants, galleries and shops are quickly opening in the area.  One of the restaurants that are quickly becoming popular is the 11th Street Station.
[Mo:]  One Sunday after church, we decided to give 11th Street Station a try.  The restaurant advertises a Soul Food menu featuring Southern fried catfish, Gumbo, Chicken and Waffles among other traditional favorites.  In fact, all of their advertised pictures show a Soul-food spread reminiscent of Mom's “after-church Sunday dinner.”
[Jo:]  We were greeted by the friendliest staff, seated immediately and prompted to browse the extensive menu.  Blackened Tilapia?  At a soul food restaurant?  I never remember my Mom making blackened Tilapia for Sunday dinner.  “Well, ok.” I thought to myself.
[Mo:] I saw your face and just knew that we were in for an interesting ride that day.  I ordered the catfish dinner, which included two large fried catfish filets, with fried okra, macaroni and cheese, corn fritters and collard greens on the side.
[Jo:]  It was a “Fried Smorgasbord”!!!!  I had the chicken and waffles and I was ready to sink my teeth into a rich buttery waffle made from rich batter and spicy chicken.  Unfortunately, the waffle tasted very commercial.  It was like something that I could have gotten anywhere and not freshly made from an exclusive batter.  The chicken?  Well, let's just say that I really miss Gregory's chicken basket back home.
[Mo:] Amen to that.  We may have to see if Gregory can send us a care package!  I must say that my dish was very good and I'm glad that it was large enough to share with you.  The fish was really good, well seasoned and fried just the way I liked it.  Among the side dishes, my favorite was the corn fritters.  They were great!  Although the chicken and waffles may not have been a hit, I certainly wouldn't rule out this restaurant altogether.
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