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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

 Dear Readers,

What can I say except that it has been an interesting 10 years.  I remember going into labor with Amir, my now 8 year old, at the CATA bus station downtown.  It was right after my oldest, Gianni, was in at play at the Boarshead Theater for Young Peoples College, a summer program at Lansing  Community College.  I decided that after the play was over that I was going to go to the CATA bus station to deliver my last bit of newspapers.  I just happened to go into labor as soon as I dropped the papers off.
I had to drive myself, along with Anissa, who just turned one and Gianni, to Sparrow Hospital, which thank goodness was only a couple of miles away.  A few hours later, I had Amir.  It is amusing now but it was not when it was happening.  I love when you can look back in retrospect and laugh!
Sharing these stories with you and all of the other stories that The New Citizens Press has covered over the years has been a joy.
Some of my favorites have been the ones that show the love, strength and determination of families. “A Daughter’s Love Continues to Shine After Tragedy” is posted on www.tncp.net on
Sunday, April 13, 2008.  Take a look at some of our older stories.
We have come a long way since our first edition in February of 2002.  We have made plenty of friends and lost plenty as well.  We look forward to serving you in the future and being here to provide you with information that you can use to better your life.  We can only be as great as you allow us to be.
Our anniversay party will be on February 19, 2011 at the Creole Gallery.  The Creole Gallery has been a place of warmth and light over the past 10 years and we would not have thought about having it any place else.  We want to hear from you so email us about the issues or concerns that you have.  We are here to serve you for the long run.
Rina Risper

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