Clueless Fashionista: Shopping Tips: Don’t buy or wear items just because they fit
Wednesday, February 2, 2011



By  Ashia Sims
The other day I found a pair of pants that were from another time in my life.  It was a time when I was a few sizes smaller.  I was curious about them and how they managed to stay in my closet because I am very good at getting rid of clothes that don’t fit or compliment me.  Well I tried the pants on and they fit.  Surprise, Surprise.  Actually let me make a correction here.  The pants didn’t fit in the sense of how I like my clothes to fit but I was able to get them up and on me and even button them.
Now I could have very easily thrown on a shirt and headed out the door for the day because technically I was dressed.  I was covered and the pants buttoned fairly easily.  I didn’t have to struggle at all.  
However, there was o
ne MAJOR issue with me wearing these pants.  They did not flatter my figure at all.  They fit very snugly which wasn’t positive for those particular type of pants.  Also, they created the dreaded muffin top that I addressed at  I hate muffin tops and I do everything in my power to not be an offender so I decided to take the pants off.  Besides they were going directly against the tips I laid out in this post
As I removed the pants and folded them up to put in my “giveaway” bag, I realized that many women tend to buy or wear clothes of a certain size just because they can put the clot
hes on and button or zip them up.  This is the wrong way to go about thin
gs.  While I agree that fashion is about expression, when you wear ill fitting clothes, you express that you don’t care enough about your appearance to wear clothes that fit.  And by fit, I mean clothes that not only button or zip but also flatter your figure and enhance your appearance.  I realize that many women are possibly wearing a size larger than what they would prefer but that doesn’t mean you should squeeze into the smaller size to make yourself feel better.  You will only make yourself look bad and most likely be uncomfortable.
As you go through your closet and pull out those cold weather clothes or browse the stores to shop, keep this in mind.  If you find that the size you normally wear doesn’t fit as smoothly as they should, go up a size.  It’s ok.  No one is going to stop you in the street and demand that you show them your pants size and then point and laugh.  You’re the only one who has to know your size.  Fashion isn’t about size, it’s about proper fit and making you look your best.  Wearing clothes that just fit and don’t flatter won’t make you look your best.
Ashia Sims is a  writer and blogger that works in television and film production. Clueles
s Fashionista is dedicated to making fashion fun and easy to understand. 

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