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Saturday, February 12, 2011

 Dear Readers,

This has been a very tragic period for the Greater Lansing area.
Three young people aredead.  The driver survived and is now facing multiple murder charges.  I watched his mother’s face on television while at the courthouse and I could only feel compassion for her.  Now she will have to bear the sins of her son.  A son that I am sure  she told over and over again not to drink and drive.  As the sole survivor, the guilt that he has to bear is going to be overwhelming.
I know the mother of one of the young person’s that died.  I know that she is going through a tremendous amount of grief right now.  She loved and adored her son and I am sure that on so many occasions she told her son about the perils of drinking and driving.
The two other victims... I am sure their parents spoke to them as well.  It carries a tragic consequence.
What makes this case more interesting is that three young men who were of legal drinking age supplied the alcohol for the party.  Investigators found the party and its hosts through Facebook posts.  The three men now face lengthy prison sentences as a result of a decision to provide minors with alcohol.
It is a travesty when those of legal age allow those who are not of legal age to indulge in behaviors that may cause them their lives.  I am a firm believer that no one is perfect but I do believe that people have common sense and I wished more people would start using it.
Rina Risper

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