New Program to Positively Impact the Lives of Women
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Dear Readers,
Have you been drifting along life, feeling like you’re on a treadmill to nowhere?  Are you ready to start living the life of your dreams and helping others do the same?  Do you have the drive to help people, and want to make a living doing it? Are you a born [natural?] leader or teacher and feel like you could really explode as Coach if only you had the right resources to help you?  If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then I have the perfect opportunity for you! 
I am a graduate of a coaching course with Barbara Sher. In case you don't know her, she's a New York Times best-selling author and has been called 'The godmother of life coaching.'  She has designed a unique coaching program which I have just completed, and I have been authorized to teach it, one time, here in Lansing as a community-outreach program.  This is not only an amazing opportunity, it's free. 
As a graduate of her year-long course, I've been assigned to find a small group of committed people with natural talent and teach them what I have learned. Normally, Barbara’s professional coaching program costs $8400. However, I'll put you through the same course I've just finished at no charge. 
It won't be possible to accept all applicants, but you could be qualified if you have no college degree or resume. 
The first class begins in early May 2011. If you're interested in applying, please send me an email at, RE:  The Sher Coaching Course.  Tell me about yourself, why you want to be a Coach and who you want to help if you become a graduate of the program. 
Your answers must be from the heart to be selected – be honest – it’s much more important than looking good.  I’m selecting applicants carefully – there are no education or experience pre-qualifications, only your commitment to complete the course and your drive to help others.  I want to make sure I don't leave out someone who could, with this training, be able to help the people in their communities have satisfying and productive lives.  So talk to me if you think you're one of the people who belong in this program. 
Damita Zweiback

March 27, 2011 - April 9, 2011 Edition 


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