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Thursday, April 21, 2011


By TNCP Staff
At “The New Citizens Press”, we love theatre and the arts.  This is the year for those who have not experienced being creative to do so.  All of the “creatives” in Michigan, I advise you to do something different.  Go to a play or an outdoor event.  Do something that you have not done before.  As our motto states “ changing the mindset in the 'nu' millennium”.  
Our readers recently went to see “The Color Purple”.  We posted a request for reviews of the play on our “The New Citizens Press” Facebook page and this is what they had tosay:
Dear TNCP,
My friend and I saw the ad for “The Color Purple” in TNCP and attended with one other good friend on Saturday April 9th.  My friends and I had a "girl's" day in D-town and our evening was wonderful.  We headed to Detroit early that day and decided to have dinner at J. Alexander's.  The food and dessert was delicious!  There was no better way to end the evening other than see “The Color Purple” at the Fox Theater.  We had wanted to see the stage play for some time and I wasn't disappointed at all. The cast was great and the show was filled with emotions from laughter to sorrow.  My friends and I had a really nice time.
Thanks TNCP!
Brenda Sweatman
Lansing, MI
Hi TNCP!!!
I was originally supposed to attend the show with my mother, but due to her friend being in the hospital, I took my friend Maryann instead. The moment we got into town there was a feeling in the air of excitement and fun. The Tigers were playing as well as the Red Wings at the same time as the play so the streets were packed!!!
It was my first visit to the Fox Theater and I felt like such a tourist as I stared at the beautiful decor and architecture. The woman at the bar promised to make us one of the best margarita's I have ever tasted and after 2 glasses she had me hooked!! The souvenir's were moderately priced and allowed me to take a little piece of the show home to my boys. The ushers were all so courteous - not "it's my job to be nice" but honestly they were really courteous and nice. 
Once inside I was again amazed at the beauty surrounding me. The show was AMAZING!!!! The talent gathered on that stage was comparable to none. The characters really took you into the era and you forgot there was a script involved and the accompanying music added the perfect finishing touches to the play.
I loved that the play expanded from the movie and delved into the book. If someone has not read the book they will not truly understand the ending of the play and how to look at thebig picture, if Celie had not gone through so many bad things in her life then the people that she had affected would have never been touched.  Harpo would have never continued with Sofia, Mister (Albert) would have never changed eventually for the better and her kids would have never experienced Africa.
I truly enjoyed my trip to the Fox Theater and the play “The Color Purple”. It was a wonderful escape and a beautiful experience. Thank you to TNCP and Rina Risper for all that you have done for not only me but for the community as well....and thank you for this awesome experience.
Delisa Fountain
(winner of tickets on Facebook "Michigan Makes Music")
Lansing, MI 
I went to see “The Color Purple” with my mother Gloria Freeman Saturday, April 9th at the Fox Theater. We had great seats, row 8 center with a complete and clear view of the stage. There were two women doing sign language to the right of the stage translating the performance for the deaf, wonderful addition for the hearing impaired.
I have attended well over 100 shows on/off Broadway and “The Color Purple” was by far my favorite. It was apparent the cast members had a true kinship that resonated through their performance as their connection to each other was genuine. The dances were choreographed beautifully and the costumes authentic. I read the book, saw the movie, and the play was the best of all three. I cried and laughed in many scenes, as I was completely engaged in the show the moment the curtain was raised. If you haven't seen it you must go, if you have already seen, then you probably agree with me. I loved it and will go to the Fox Theater again.
Rhonda Okeke 
Southfield, MI
We have so many opportunities to go out and have a good time.  Take advantage of what Michigan has to offer.  Don't be so bogged down by the negative in the news, get up and explore your creativewe have a lot in Michigan, take advantage of it.
If you have not been to Detroit there is so much to do. Gladys Knight with The Isley Brothers will be at the Fox Theatre on May 14, 2011.  So make a night out of it and do something different, explore the arts.

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