Movie Review: Memphis
Sunday, May 22, 2011

By Delisa Fountain
TNCP Writer
LANSING, MI -- Memphis is a Tony award winning musical set in the 1950's. The Wharton Center held a special viewing of the musical on the big screen at the Lansing Mall West Theatre. The musical itself will be at the Wharton Center in East Lansing next year from March 21- April 1, 2012.
The musical revolves around not only race relations but music as it relates to the culture at that time.
From the opening number to the very end, the music was captivating. It is easy to get lost in the story line and imagine sitting right there in the underground club.
The story begins with a wannabe radio dj who is white coming into an all black club professing his love for the music that touches his soul. He also makes a promise to the female singer, who is black, that he would not only get her music on the radio but on a white station.
Even with the serious undertones there were plenty of comedic moments throughout the play.  The play dealt with inter racial relationships, racial tensions and hate crimes. The play gave the audience an authentic view of life during those times.
With the musical being on the big screen I was able to see every emotion displayed on the actors faces as the moods changed from joyful to somber.
It was easy to follow along since everyone in the theatre had a front row V.I.P. seat for the show. The only drawback with watching such an exciting play on the screen, is the fact that you don't feel the energy through the crowd.  It's easier to get up and take a call, or talk a little louder than you would if you were sitting in the audience at the actual musical. The energy was just like that of watching any other movie in the same theatre.  I cannot wait until I am watching the show live and in person.  I know there is going to be more people clapping their hands or singing along to a couple numbers.
This is a musical that you simply don’t want to miss !”

May 22, 2011 - June 4, 2011 Edition


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