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Saturday, June 4, 2011
Dear Rina,
You were a darling to speak to us Allen Seniors at “the drop of a hat”!  We were thrilled to have you describe some of your “growing-up” personal history, your family, love of good books, stationary and working in the community with your much read and appreciated newspaper.  Being able to obtain your bi-weekly FREE at the Oak Park “Y” is something I really enjoy.
Our Seniors at Allen Neighborhood Center enjoy having you speak to our group.  You’re up front, truthful and informative.  Thank you so much!  Please return and tell us the rest of the story.
Connie for Allen Seniors
Allen Seniors,
It is always my pleasure to speak to the Allen Seniors.  I have such a connection and you always have made me feel so comfortable.  Thank you.
Rina Risper
Please note:  The New Citizens Press was able to help 3 seniors by answering Medicare questions and 1 was personal.  We love speaking to the senior population.

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