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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Readers,

Summer is a very interesting time of year in Michigan.  One day it will be 50 degrees the next day it is 85 degrees and 101 in your car.   Summer brings out a lot in people as well.  No pun intended but we must revisit proper etiquette.  I know that it may be hard to hear about this but it is necessary to talk about.  And of course, I am not talking about you.

I will first start with appearance because summer fashion is great fun but not when others get to see all of you.  While at the beach in Michigan…. Speedos and bikinis on people who should not be wearing them is not acceptable.  In Europe, Miami and St. Maarten it is but not in Michigan.  So please purchase the right sized bathing suit.

Flip flops are great for beaches but not for work or a job interview.  It does not matter if the person you are interviewing with looks casual, he or she may be on their way to a company golf outing or some other event that calls for casual dress.  I wonder how people gather up the audacity to do that.  Possibly they really did not want the job.

While we are on the subject of flip flops, please ladies and gentlemen get a pedicure if your feet are in bad shape.  Maybe you like your flaky dry unkempt feet but others are not impressed.  There are plenty of manicurists around and usually they do not cost more than $30.00.

Let's discuss body parts, please keep the upper portion of your body in its proper place, which is inside your shirt.  Showing cleavage is fine sometimes but this summer I am noticing that women are taking the push up bra to a whole different level. Please be mindful, we don't want a Janet Jackson mistake to occur at McDonalds or while you are going food and/or clothes shopping.  Cover it up!

Summer brings out the music lover in you like it does me.  However, I would  like to ask those who play their music to loud to please consider that people want peace and quiet in their homes.  Glasses falling off of shelves and what nots crashing to the ground because you have bass bouncing off of citizens walls is not cool.  Besides you are also messing up my whole mobile office concept when I cannot drive and talk at the same time.

I wondered what others thought about summer pet peeves and asked:

Rina N Risper
I am writing my column for The New Citizens Press about summer pet peeves. I want to know what yours are. Provide examples.

Rachael Zlomak Parker
Men who walk around shirtless with their man boobs on display.

Mike Vasas 
Not a pet peeve as much as a summer quirk...lawn mowing copy cats. But my number one pet peeve though has to be shirtless men running down a major pedestrian area or really sweaty people completely clothed running down a pedestrian area. LOOK AT ME I'M WORKING OUT!!!!!!!

Paul des Lauriers
Walking the dog without cleaning up after it.
Jeff 'Inke' McCollum-Campbell
Little kids running around butt naked or close to. We are a civilized nation and there are pervs out there. Put some clothes on your kids people.
Paul des Lauriers
Are we really a civilized nation? Sometimes I wonder! lol
Jill E. Bean Mayor
Whatever anyone does, they should be able to. It is a "free" country after all. This coming from someone who gets very annoyed by people sometimes. Gum chewers be dammed!!
Richelle Miller
Its the wearing things you shouldn't, plenty examples today at Walmart:)
Rose M. Davis
People who walk their dogs and leave the CRAP in my yard!
Rebecca Spearow
Please wash yourself before you sit next to me on the El (Chicago) for 40 minutes!!!
Jeff 'Inke' McCollum-Campbell
What about the people who work out and their odor fills the gym from lack of bathing? At least I can grab a spray bottle and wipe the equipment down. I've nearly thrown up from some people's hygiene. that's a work out stopper.
Ann Gamboe Hall
I think flip flops are the beginning of the end of civilization. They are terrible for people's feet, make that disgusting smacking sound as people walk. I could just smack the person who dragged it out of the gym shower and onto the street!

Rose Jangmi Cooper Ann 
I thought I was the only one. I do not believe in flip flops.
Connie Shepard Lyles
People who spit their gum on the pavement in parking lots, I always seem to step on the gooy mess. Also the folks that liter, I walk my dog the same route everyday (and yes I pick up his doo doo) and can fill a grocery plastic bag almost everyday!!! The south side of Mount Hope between Washington and Cedar is terrible!
Doug Jarvis
People who set their air conditioning on FREEZE! Of course, I had my air on yesterday when it was 98 degrees out! But my thermostat was on 78 degrees. Comfortable. Some seem to find the need to create frost on their windows by setting the thermostat on 50! Wasting energy and freezing my behind off!!! LOL Come on people, 75 is a comfortable temperature or maybe you should consider moving to Alaska!??? : )

Leslie Campbell
Women who keep their paper money stffed in their bras...then pay you with it. Eww....           

Chad Schaaf
Summer Pet Peeve = Allergies! How great would it be to live without a box of tissues nearby!

I love my Facebook friends.  Most of all this summer,let us all be courteous of each other.  Motorists please watch out for the motorcyclists.  Bicyclists please watch out for the motorists.  Summer brings with it some sad statistics, my pet peeve is that we seem to forget our manners and common sense .  By mindlful and remember to…

Love People,

This was printed in the June 19, 11 - July 2, 11 Edition


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