How do I wear that trend-art deco jewelry
Saturday, July 16, 2011

This  art deco ring is a great way to slowly move into this trend. Rings are easy to wear and no matter how big, they aren’t very overwhelming

These art deco necklaces  are a great accessory to introduce to your wardrobe. Necklaces may be a bit more involved than you're ready to try if you're new to the art deco trend, but if you have on a basic outfit, a great necklace can really make it pop.

By Aisha Sims

This trend is kind of a subcategory to the statement jewelry trend, however, it’ s a good one to highlight because art deco jewelry is very pretty and unique looking. Plus it could help some of you move into statement pieces when you have something more specific to look for since  statement jewelry  can be a bit vague at times.

With that said, art deco jewelry is any jewelry with a clear art deco theme to it. For those of you who aren’ t familiar with art deco, there’s a definition.

According to, art deco is: A decorative and architectural style of the period 1925-1940, characterized by geometric designs, bold colors, and the use of plastic and glass.

Art deco’s was really big in the 80 2s so it s kind of a retro trend for those of you who like to participate in trends of yesteryear.  However, here are some pictures of art deco jewelry pieces for you to get a visual.

I hope the pictures give you a good start on a great trend. I would suggest taking a look in your own jewelry box before you go out and buy a new piece. You may be surprised to find that you already own art deco jewelry. If you don’ t, you can always visit a budget friendly store like Target (my favorite), Walmart or K-mart. Your art deco jewelry doesn’t have to be made of semi-precious metals or stones. Don’ t be afraid to rock costume jewelry!

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Art deco ring from

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