Trav Talks About Common Ground and His Life as a Young Rapper
Saturday, July 30, 2011

By Delisa Fountain

An electrifying new voice and star on the rise, Trav, will release his newest single on SRR /B Sharp early this summer.  Featuring guest vocals by longtime friend and collaborator Sean Kingston, “Up and Down” is a wildly infectious R&B flavored track that is already creating a buzz at rhythmic radio stations throughout the country.  The charismatic young artist talks about the track in a video interview, which includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, on his mentor 50 Cent’s website,, which can also be viewed at

Trav’s first solo mixtape, The Way I See It,” was downloaded over 500,000 times and his second mixtape, Follow Me, featured the single “Ride The Wave” that broke through to the mainstream with airplay on over 100 urban radio stations throughout the country (the song was later remixed featuring Juelz Santana and Lloyd Banks).  Trav toured with mentor 50 Cent as part of his “The Invitation Tour” in 2010 and has also appeared on Soulja Boy’s “Let My Swag Get At You” with Tory Lanez.
Up and coming artist Trav recently made a stop in Lansing, MI to perform at this year’s Common Ground Music Festival and open for Trey Songz. This 21-yr-old artist has traveled throughout the country opening for act such as Justin Beiber and 50 Cent. After only being on the scene for 3 years, he has released  2 mixtapes. The first of which was downloaded an astounding 500,000 times, even as it was released the day that music legend Michael Jackson died.  His start in the music industry is amazingly different from what other artist may describe as their own beginnings. He grew up in the same neighborhood as 50cent and it was G Unit affiliate Tony Yayo that pushed him to perform a frestyle at a radio station that began his career. 
From the moment he stepped on until the moment he left the stage he exuded an energy usually found in veteran artists.  He kept the crowd hyped  as he performed his singles “Up and Down ft Sean Kingston” and “Ride the Wave”. In between the singles he made sure to keep the crowd involved.  From funny punchlines to riding a smooth beat, the crowd continuously moved with him. When asked about performing in arenas and performing at Common Ground, he stated he enjoyed Common Ground because it was outdoors and the crowd was more apt to interact.

Trav has such an amazing and humble spirit for someone who just 3 years ago took a ride to a radio station with a neighborhood friend. He has gone from freestyling at a radio station to opening for some of the biggest acts currently touring.

After his performance Trav took a moment to discuss his influences, background and future plans with TNCP!!

On his entrance into the industry:

Trav:  “I’m a Leo, so I’m the center of attention all the time. If I see an opening I’m gonna jump through it. Yayo had just grabbed me and said lets take a ride to a radio station. Who’s gonna deny that? The DJ said, put the young one on the mic. I put on the headphones and started rocking with it. I never told nobody this at all, but if you look at my face when I was rapping, I was blank. I didn’t know where I was at. I really didn’t know where I was at. I just went with it. I blanked.” 

On his friendship with Sean Kingston:

Trav: “Sean Kingston is really my right hand man. The crazy thing about us, we met on MySpace. He sent me some of his music because I had a lot of pictures of me and 50 and others.  So me and him kicked and he said you know I’m a rapper. I was like, I’m a rapper too. But I was fronting,  ya know, didn’t have no song at all. But I was in the mix though. Sure enough we always kept contact. Then one day I went to Vegas, he had beautiful girls ( Sean’s single) then and we were chopping it up.

What makes it even crazier, we found out after his mother came home from jail, his mother and my uncle are related in Jamaica. And Sean’s grandfather is the one who put my uncle on, gave him his start (in music). It was like a circle. We met on MySpace and now we find out our families are close. That’s my dog man, right now he’s getting better and getting around”

On releasing an album:

Trav: “Well, I’m not yet trying to jump into an album. When I came into rapping, my first mixtape was “the way I feel”. And that was a shot in the dark.  It was like either they gonna like it or they ain’t gonna like it. There’s people that’s been doing it for 12 13 years. People that have been rapping since they were 7! And here I come with a mixtape and one of the songs on my mixtape popped and that’s how I went on tour.”

On distinguishing himself from other artists:

Trav: “I just stand out!  I’m not stuck in a genre!”
On the artists that influence him:

Trav: “So many artists, a lot of New York Artists. If you check my tracks I did a lot of tracks with a lot of artists. Maino, Souljah Boy, Juelz Santana…….”

On if he will return to Lansing:

Trav:  Definitely!!

Right now Trav is traveling the country doing radio promotions and performing in select cities. For more information on his future travels log on to or

This was printed in the July 31, 2011 - August 13, 2011 Edition


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