The Lorenzo Mills Show: Conservative Men’s Fashion Remix
Saturday, July 30, 2011

By Lorenzo Mills

Men’s fashion can be much more complex than people may think. Instead of being closed minded on sticking to your traditional penny loafers, formal dressed suspenders and button trousers, open your eyes to a new genre of menswear.  

I think that every man would agree, when we look good, we feel good.  So, how can we show off our good taste in clothing without coming off as being too metrosexual? Men can perceived as being superficial, shallow or narrow minded when they are really into what they wear. The secret lies in knowing how to keep it simple while not conforming to what everyone else is wearing these days. History shows that some of the world’s greatest fashion icons chose individuality over conformity. This type of idealism is something that our society needs more of whether you are  in or out of the fitting room.

The conservative preppy style has re-emerged and grown to be quite popular for young men who are trying to prepare themselves for the next level of education and success. It’s only right that the desire for tailored suits, topcoats, and proper shoes comes along with it.  As men, we should be open minded to the idea that a topcoat and trousers are meant to compliment one another. Do not be afraid to mix and match. This creates a look that is much more eye catching. Matching your topcoat and trousers only creates a style that is conservative and ordinary which sometimes defeats the purpose. The idea is to be iconic, so in a way we become less anal retentive about what we wear and let our fashion senses go. 

As I grow into adulthood, I would like to see what the next generation of successors will be sporting in the office. Teach them to experiment and not limit themselves; remember that there are no rules; fashion has no destination; it is always changing and evolving.

Lorenzo R. Mills Jr. is a Dietics at Michigan State University and Lansing Community College.  He is a member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.  He can be reached at

This was printed in the July 31, 2011 - August 13, 2011 Edition


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