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Saturday, September 24, 2011
Michigan Open Carry Law - is wrong...
The Second Amendment does not guarantee that every citizen can carry a gun - this Amendment was written in the 1791, which is 220 years ago, when war weary American's were afraid of the British, French, Canadians, Germans, Native Americans.  At that time,  there was no United States Army, no organized militias, no state police and no local police.  You had to protect your family and home by yourself, by any means necessary, it was a dangerous time.
This is a contentious issue, 220 years later - now the United States has a standing Army, National Guard, FBI, Border Patrol, state and local police, crime is on the rise and fear mongers are every where, disguised as politicians, private citizens, and opportunists ready to stir up trouble and make money.
Carrying a gun is a dangerous and serious undertaking and should only be done by trained professionals.  I would not prevent a person from possessing a gun  in the home or the use of it to protect the home and family.  However, to take the gun onto the streets must be strictly regulated, and so should the registration and purchase of guns and/or weapons.
I am a retired Detroit Police Officer and spent eight weeks - training, shooting and learning the law on 'when to shoot' to obtain a Concealed Pistol License (CPL), it takes eight (8) hours of supposed training to pass a required course. I have a CPL, I have been properly trained to carry a weapon and know 'when to shoot'.
I do not know all of the provisions of the Open Carry Gun Law, but restrictions include areas that a gun may not be carried open or concealed by the public, which  to me is a 'clear and present danger' to the public at large.  Guns cannot be carried onto 'pistol free zones': school property, college campuses, bars, restaurants, sports arenas, churches; so a person with a lawful permit has to store the gun in their vehicle.  Considering the number of breaking and entering's to motor vehicles, it is an unsafe place to secure a gun of any kind.
The National Rifle Association is and has been irresponsible in opposing common sense laws, concerning the registration and ownership of guns - and most especially assault style weapons.  There is no need for a United States resident to own a military assault weapon.
Michigan has experienced no upsurge in shootings because of 'open carry' or the easing of getting a CPL, but neither has there been a decrease in crime - but a gun, in the hands of an insufficiently trained person is a threat to the general public.
David L. Malhalab
Sgt.  Detroit Police Department Retired
This was printed in the September 25, 2011- October 8, 2011 Edition.

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