Syndicated Host Releases New DVD
Sunday, October 23, 2011

Multi-media personality Michael Baisden will release Do Women Know What They Want, a new and provocative relationship film, to all retail outlets this October 25th on Time Life.  The wildly popular syndicated radio personality / TV talk show host / New York Times best-selling author and highly influential African-American leader tackles the vastly different and often confusing takes on what a relationship means to men and women, uncovering the female perspective with humor, grace and a very real desire to figure it all out.
“Since I began writing about relationships 18 years ago, my goal has always been to engage my audience about topics that were often uncomfortable to discuss openly,” explains Baisden. “I'm excited to finally have my film project in stores across the country so that those silent voices can be heard. The quality of relationships is deteriorating mainly because we're applying old-fashioned remedies to new realities. It's time for  a fresh perspective on what men and women really want.  Hopefully my films we be the beginning of that conversation.”
“Michael Baisden is one of the most interesting and compelling figures in American media today,” says Mike Jason, Time Life’s Senior Vice President, Retail. “His ability to translate his successful talk show into a series of popular books, DVD’s, film and live performances is tremendous and we are extremely excited to work with him.”
Written and directed by Baisden, Do Women Know What They Want takes the engaging and energetic host to the streets of Atlanta, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, New York and Washington, DC to talk directly with women about, well, what they want.  The upbeat, funny, thought-provoking, and very candid relationship film invites conversations with women (and the occasional man) to discuss their views on relationships and its many different sides.  Baisden’s inspiration for the film was largely based on his own admission that, “There is nothing more challenging for a man than finding out what a woman wants.”  No topic is off limits and the women he interviews give unguarded advice to Baisden about everything from romance to sex, infidelity and partnerships, myths and reality.  What started out as a cordial conversation with one simple question, "Do Women Know What They Want?" exploded into a battle of the sexes that will have you laughing hysterically one minute and shouting at the screen the next.
The Michael Baisden Show (national syndication by Citadel Media) is urban radio’s #1 afternoon drive program, heard in nearly 100 markets throughout the country.  Basiden also has hosted a pair of nationally syndicated television shows, Talk or Walk (a daytime talk show distributed by Tribune Entertainment) and Baisden After Dark (a late night program that aired on and was distributed by TVOne) and is currently developing a new show.  He has written four best-selling books and produced several relationship based videos.  Baisden is also known for his political work, including personally organizing the historic Jena 6 March, fundraising efforts for Hurricane Katrina victims, live broadcasts from free clinics around the country, actively campaigning for President Obama’s election and more.  He has received the Martin Luther King Jr Keepers of the Dream Award, founded the Michael Baisden Foundation for Literacy and initiated the One Million Mentors National Campaign to Save Our Kids program.

This was printed in the October 23, 2011 - November 5, 2011 Edition.


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