New Non-Profit has partnered with a Large National Event to Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day –Turn the Volume Up on Peace
Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr.
Life’s Connections is a new non-profit organization located in Grand Rapids which opened its doors with a splash on 1.1.12, announcing our city’s participation in a national event to raise awareness about youth violence.
We want to make sure that our city is recognized on a national level with an event to raise awareness about this important issue.” says Executive Director, Danielle Muncey-Key. This event is called Turn the Volume Up on Peace and we have committed to organize our city’s presence in conjunction with partners in LA, Seattle, NY, Chicago and many other locations throughout the US. Our future lies in the hands of our youth. The stronger we make them now, the more sustainable our future becomes.” says Danielle.
Thomas (Tahj) Gillespie, Director of Operations adds “Opening our doors with this kick-off event will help to demonstrate our commitment to this community and its future. It is perfect timing and we couldn’t be more pleased. We’ve lined up three keynote motivational speakers, which will take the podium at the end of each hour. We have recruited three high school students to write essays that will be presented as well. There will be youth Hip Hop dancers, break dancers and performers. The theme for the conference is "Have We Stopped Dreaming?"
From the National Organizers:
Turn the Volume Up On Peace
In Honor of the National Holiday Commemorating Martin Luther King Jr Day
In our on-going effort to turn the Volume up on Peace, we are coordinating several “Peace Marches”
and “Peace Rallies” in various parts of the United States with the central event being in Los Angeles,
California on January 15th 2012. 
Our main event locations will be in Santa Monica and South Central
(District 8 & 9) with ‘March Route’ and ‘Rally Venues’ to be announced. This will help to create the maximum impact and inspiration that we can provide to the people in and around the Los Angeles Community.
Other states/cities participating throughout the country, including but not limited:
The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota
San Francisco, California
Las Vegas, Nevada
Reno, Nevada
Missoula, Montana
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Kansas City, Kansas
New Britain, Connecticut
Seattle, Washington
Sacramento, California
Miami, Florida
Chicago, Illinois
New York, New York
Local Event Information:
Date: January 15, 3-7 pm
Event Location: 
LIFEQUEST, 1050 Fisk St., SE, Grand Rapids, MI
For more information:
This was printed in the January 15, 2012 - January 28, 2012 Edition

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