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Monday, February 13, 2012
Dear Readers,
The most innocent things can make for the most interesting memories.
I was scanning my Facebook page (that is what you do while you are working on two computers) and I saw a link for a craft.
It was an absolutely great idea and I have to say Celestine Hart has some pretty good ones.  She has a blog on celestinepaints.com.  I used to think I would be a great painter or artist before I got a grip on reality.  However, I always go to her page and admire the things that she works on and have for a long time.  I love creative people in Lansing.  They are so amazing.
When I saw the link, I thought about a friend who I thought was a crafter.  Even if she was not, at that moment, my only goal was to tell her about the fantastic project I saw.
During my conversation with my friend, we started talking about crafting and how different it is now.  She told me that her living room is piled high with her daughter’s crafts.
I am a daughter, I used to make popsicle jewelry boxes, macrame plant holders, key chains and string art.  I loved the smell of glue and how it took perfect fingerprint impressions.
I was immediately struck by the idea that there were 4 children in my parent’s household and we are all about a year apart.
My mind raced.  For some reason, I did not remember our house bursting with artwork.  I wanted to know what my mom did with my popsicle jewelry box and our other items that were made with love.
I called her and demanded, “What did you do with all of our crafts when we were growing up?”
My mother calmly said, “I still have some of it, I kept them in boxes in New York. Remember all of the wooden things you guys would make in school?  Well, they are right here with me in Georgia.”
I apologized and said that is fantastic.  I felt like a dud.  She proceeded to tell me that she can not wait to come to Michigan and sell her knitwares at a local craft show.   We spoke about some other things like knitting and more knitting.  While we were talking I thought about shop class (which is wear we made those longlasting fantastic items, like wooden stools).
She chatted about a television show and work and then said she had to finish a pair of hand warmers and asked me how cold it was in Michigan.  I of course told her we were having a heatwave in Lansing. 
She said goodbye and we hung up. 
I thought, “She is so awesome and  she did not need four popsicle jewelry boxes anyway.”
Love people,
Rina Risper
P.S.  We have decided to start a non-profit organization called The New Citizens Press Community Action Network (TNCP CAN).  I am excited about the opportunity to partner with individuals and other non-profits to make Lansing a better place.  We have been helping others for years and we are finally going to have all of our programs under one roof.
Anyone who knows African American families who have been in Lansing before 1940, give me a call.
I am still having a fundraiser in honor of my birthday. The proceeds will go towards the non-violence effort in Lansing.
https://bobbiecasler.scentsy.us/Home.  Click on “TEAM 517/ TNCP CAN”
This was printed in the February 12, 2012 - February 25, 2012 Edition

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