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Sunday, March 11, 2012
Dear Readers,
I am hoping that you are concentrating on what you do best and not judging others for what you believe they should be doing better.  Have you ever noticed that people who are always upset and negative are always complaining and not trying to find solutions?  It is always interesting when people begin to attack because they feel as though you need to agree with everything they say.  I think that instead of being frustrated, you should smile.  The only thing you can do is change the way you feel.
I wonder if the person who attacks other people knows how much energy they waste.  For those who are being attacked, do not fall prey to emotional terrorists.   Emotional terrorists bring their problems and dysfunctional issues directly to you and blames you for them.  Mean outbursts, deliberate exclusions and wild stories may also be in the arsenal of an emotional terrorist.
For people who are emerging emotional terrorists, do not be upset with people when they do not rationalize the same way you do.   Think about how you hurt other people for the sake of your own ego.  If you have lived a horrible life that does not mean you have the right to project that behavior.
For those who are victims, remember that some have their opinions obscured by the things they have been taught by others. You must expose them to the reality that choices are theirs for the taking.  Consider how much you are feeding into the controlled frenzy. 
Life affirming changes in people's social, economic and political environment can only come about with you finding ways to convince them that exercising possibilities will be the only way to make changes in their current situation.  If they do not take your advice, then you should begin the process of removing yourself from the situation.  Everyone is worthy of respect.  Begin the process of respecting yourself and appreciating all you have to offer.  
Put it into the universe that you will persevere and find peace and make it happen.
Love people and keep it moving even if that means that you are patient.  Nothing happens overnight.
Love people and get involved,
Rina Risper
P.S.  We have an attorney working on our non-profit organization called The New Citizens Press Community Action Network (TNCP CAN).  I am so excited that we are doing what we believe will impact our community and beyond.  Living life abundantly can only impact others positively!  We are asking our readers to donate $20.00 a piece for our initial costs.
Anyone who knows African American families who have been in Lansing before 1940, give me a call.
I am still having a fundraiser in honor of my birthday. Why not celebrate life all year long.  The proceeds will go towards the non-violence effort in Lansing.
https://bobbiecasler.scentsy.us/Home.  Click on “TEAM 517/ TNCP CAN”
This was printed in the March 11, 2012 - March 24, 2012 Edition

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