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Friday, June 1, 2012
By Jimmy Wilson, Jr.
After seeing the movie "Think Like A Man", I figured I would dispense some relationship tips myself. Fellas, don't be alarmed, these tips won't be exposing any secrets, or throwing men under the bus. These tips are for women who are dealing with men who are into sports, but the women may not really be into them also. These tips are to help you ladies know what to listen for, and how to deal with men who love sports. 
Disclamer: The views expressed in this blog in no way reflect my current relationship. These tips come from things I've witnessed, and experienced in the past. Just throwing that out there for those who wanted to make that assumption.
Tip 1: Listen to what he's saying: Ladies, if you and your man are sitting at home watching TV on a Tuesday night, and he randomly says "I can't wait until that game on Saturday at 3:30", he's not saying that so you can schedule a family trip to IKEA. He's saying that because he doesn't want you to schedule anything from 3:30 until about 7. He's giving you a heads up early in the week, and that's more than fair. You all need to pay attention to that when he says this, he is trying to avoid the argument that will ensue when you want to go shopping at 3 on Saturday. 
Tip 2: Random Discussions can wait: Remember on Tuesday your man told you about the game he wanted to watch at 3:30 on Saturday. You are cool with that, but choose not to watch. This doesn't offer you a license to come at him with random discussion while the game is on. You chose not to watch, so please leave him be for those three hours. Here are a few topics to steer clear of: 1) vacations, 2) the lady you don't like at work, 3)changes you want to make around the house, 4)what you want to do to your hair, and 5) anything to do with your weight. These are all issues that will be there when the game is over. Please hold your thoughts on these until then.
Tip 3: Watch some games with him: Sports are the ultimate in "reality TV". You have great competition, drama, and unpredictable endings. In all honesty, it is better than any of the reality shows that dude finds himself taking one for the team, and watching with you. So ma'am, when your man asks you to watch the game with him, please do. It's not something that has to happen all the time, honestly he'll sometimes use it as his time with his boys or to be alone. On the times that he does ask though, please don't have an eye-rolling, teeth-sucking attack. Just snuggle up with him, and watch the game. You'll enjoy it, and may find yourself getting hooked too. 
 Tip 4: Be judicious with your questions: So, you took my advice, and decided to watch the game with him. You're not really sure though about what is happening on the game though. Most of us guys are cool with you asking questions. It lets us know you're actually paying attention, and we appreciate that. However, don't ask 50,000 in one game. Ya'll know good and well when he watches Basketball Wives with you and asks one question you have that eye-rolling, teeth-sucking attack mentioned in the last tip. He feels the same way after about the 20th question in the first quarter. So, pick your spots to ask. Wait until a commercial, halftime, after the game or save some for the next game you watch with him. Just don't ask 50,000 in one game. 
Tip 5: Don't Talk about how "fine" you think a player is: You and your man watching the game together, and you see someone that tickles your fancy. KEEP THAT TO YOURSELF!! Your man is snuggled up with you to watch the game, and doesn't really care that you think a player is "fine". You can save that conversation for your friends the next day, but don't blurt that out every time you see a player on TV that you think looks good. 
So, there you have it. Just a few tips to help you ladies who are dealing with men that love sports. Hopefully these will be a great help to you and your relationship. Thank you for reading, and govern yourselves accordingly. 
I'm Jimmy L. Wilson, Jr., and I approve this message.
Jimmy Wilson, Jr.  is a writer who enjoys watching, talking about and playing sports.  He coaches basketball at the Boys and Girls Club of Lansing.  You can follow him on twitter @jimmylwilsonjr. 
This was printed in the June 3, 2012 - June 16, 2012 edition

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